Win A Free Book!

Win a free, signed copy of Colors of Deception!

Greetings, mesdames et messieurs!

In celebration of the publication of my first book, Colors of Deception, I’m giving some copies away! Over the next two weeks, I’ll be collecting entries for a contest. My two favorites will each win a free, signed paperback.

In Colors of Deception, cute college sophomore Holly Idaho discovers that a demon in stalking her. Over the course of the story, Holly realizes that this demon has a rabid and morbid fascination with the music of rock band INXS.

Why INXS? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the demon. ; )

According to this demon’s favorite band, we all have “the devil inside.” But maybe this devil prefers a different kind of music?

Maybe you think a demon should prefer Country & Western (which my friend Josh calls “the music of pain”). Or might demons just sing the Blues? Perhaps they go for the classics like Black Sabbath.

Maybe they’re insidious and love The Girl from Ipanema.

So, dear readers, here’s my challenge to you: In one hundred words or less, tell me what music you think demons listen to and why.

Be scary, be humorous, be ridiculous, or be whatever you want to be. My two completely arbitrary favorite entries will receive:

  • the signed copies of Color of Deception,
  • a mention on this blog,
  • and their entries posted here.

I’ll probably post some other non-winning entries I think are clever as well.

Submit your entries in the email form here. The contest ends at midnight, Central Standard Time [UTC-06:00], April 26th. Thanks for playing — and happy writing!

6 thoughts on “Win A Free Book!

  1. David Adkins says:

    I never doubted your abilities as an author. Your writing style and your posts I have always found to be thought provoking and have given me a moment of pause to stop and think on a new perspective that I may have overlooked. I am very proud of who you have become; that you are my friend and my sister in Christ. Even if I am not selected as a winner in this contest, I feel that is important to know who much I respect the person that you are.

    • David, your comment couldn’t have come at a better time — thank you so much for this encouragement! It’s such a blessing for me to hear that my writings offer a new perspective. My aim in writing is to be honest and have the courage to make myself vulnerable…and if I can provide a chance for reflection at the same time, so much the better.

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know your thoughts. I appreciate you very much!

      (So, you said “even if you’re not selected” — does that mean you’re going to enter? : ) If so, please go ahead, I’d love to see what you come up with!)

  2. Pamela Davis says:

    I just finished reading your book today. Loved it! I submitted a review to amazon just a few minutes ago. You did a really nice job. Oh, I absolutely loved fudgespeak! Congratulations!

    • Wow, Pam — you are awesome. Thank you so much! I appreciate the review itself — but even more, your willingness to take the time to write it! So glad you loved FudgeSpeak. It’s one of my favorite elements of the story, but I’m never confident that others will appreciate it the way I do. Thanks so much for your encouragement! đŸ™‚

  3. […] my lovelies! A few weeks ago, I challenged you to tell me what kind of music demons listen to. If you click that link, you’ll see the whats and wherefores, but here’s a brief recap: […]

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