They Got Me To Talk

Thankfully, there were no small rooms, bright lights, or belly-button-invading metal shrimp involved.

Two fabulous fellow bloggers published interviews with me this week!

In my first ever Skype interview, El Edwards of talked with me about how my husband and I set a goal of 5 years for me to get published — and how I did it in 3. Watch my interview with El here.


In an email interview, Christian Hollingsworth of asked me about my blogging habits, my inspirations, and my social connectivity. Read my interview with Christian here.

Come visit me again tomorrow to hear all about last night’s Colors of Deception Book Launch Party!

4 thoughts on “They Got Me To Talk

  1. It’s good to hear I wasn’t the dictator of bright lights, and metal shrimp. I would have felt rather awful. Hopefully I’m not too scary. Let’s just keep it to simple interviews – and not get into all that interrogation stuff. 😉

    • courtney.cantrell says:

      LOL No, Christian, I had no fear of metal shrimp whilst pondering your interview questions! Your interviewing style was straightforward but pleasant. If there’d been interrogationness, I would’ve mentioned it. 😉 Thanks again!

      (Also, sorry I’m so late in replying to your comment! I was dismayed to find it in my blog’s spam filter this evening. Sorry about that! I’ll try not to let it happen again.)

  2. Dino Dogan says:

    You know, I was trying to remember how I first discovered your blog. It was via the interview you did with Christian. Small world. Congrats btw 🙂

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