33 Questions for My Readers

You mustn’t always believe what I say. Questions tempt you to tell lies, particularly when there is no answer.

–Pablo Picasso

Okay, my dear inklings. This one was inspired by Michael Martine, Remarkablogger, who apparently keeps a tiny camera tucked into the the folds of my brain and blogs answers to my questions before I know I have questions.

Without further ado or adon’t: I have questions for you, my dears. Pick a few and share your thoughts in the comments. Or answer all the questions, if you dare. Or ask some of your own. Who knows what might happen if you people start talking to each other as well as to me? ; )

Mac or PC?

WordPress or Blogger?

Disqus or Livefyre?

Facebook or Twitter?

Blog or e-zine?

Chicken or the egg?

Novels or short stories?

Poetry or journal?

Paper or plastic?

Tea or coffee?

Cream or sugar?

IHOP or Denny’s?

Restaurant or home-cooked?

Faith or religion?

Values or beliefs?

Parachuting or deep-sea diving?

iPhone or Android?

Data or Spock?

Kirk or Picard?

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Klingons or Wookiees?

Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?

Bauer or MacGyver?

MacGyver or Jones?

Early bird or night owl?

Dogs or cats?

Oceans or mountains?

Jungle or desert?

Speaking or listening?

Silence or sound?

Stillness or movement?

Inward or outward?

Questions or answers?

And, above all: WHY?

20 thoughts on “33 Questions for My Readers

  1. Well I’ll be a sport and have a go.

    Mac or PC? – PCs are hotrods, Macs are kids toys.

    WordPress or Blogger? – Ima OG for WP

    Disqus or Livefyre? – Disqus

    Facebook or Twitter? – Twitter

    Blog or e-zine? – guess…

    Chicken or the egg? – Chicken cuz more food comes with it

    Novels or short stories? – Novels

    Poetry or journal? – journal (penzu.com)

    Paper or plastic? – plastic has handles

    Tea or coffee? – coffee keeps the blood levels down in my caffeine system

    Cream or sugar? – yes

    IHOP or Denny’s? – Big Boy

    Restaurant or home-cooked? – don’t care

    Faith or religion? – faith

    Values or beliefs? – values

    Parachuting or deep-sea diving? – other

    iPhone or Android? – neither

    Data or Spock? – Data

    Kirk or Picard? – Picard

    Star Wars or Star Trek? – The A-Team

    Klingons or Wookiees? – wookies

    Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris? – who cares?

    Bauer or MacGyver? – who?

    MacGyver or Jones? – George Jeston?

    Early bird or night owl? – Night Owl

    Dogs or cats? – Cats

    Oceans or mountains? – Mountains

    Jungle or desert? – Jungle

    Speaking or listening? – Listening

    Silence or sound? – Silence

    Stillness or movement? – Stillness

    Inward or outward? – In

    Questions or answers? – The right question is always better than the right answer

    And, above all: WHY? – No good reason, really.

    That was fun. 🙂

    • “Star Wars or Star Trek? – The A-Team” <– LOL

      "Tea or coffee? – coffee keeps the blood levels down in my caffeine system" <– Yes! 😀

      I'm guessing blog.

      Aw, really? You never watched MacGyver?

      Michael, I’m pleased you had fun, even though it was “a lotta work.” ; )

  2. Dean Carlton says:

    Wow, Courtney, some toughies in there! Here goes……

    Mac or PC?
    PC, but just got the iPad 2 two days ago, it’s love, must have Mac…..

    WordPress or Blogger?
    Wordpress – sexy, easy, tweakable, hot, great community. Blogger – yawn…….

    Disqus or Livefyre?
    Neither – was Disqus, then discovered the CommentLuuuuurve!

    Facebook or Twitter?
    Twitter! F/B for family, trying Pages out now.

    Blog or e-zine?
    Blog, blog, blah, blog What’s an ezine, anyway?! (Just kidding)

    Chicken or the egg?
    The chicken came first, the hen is still frustrated….

    Novels or short stories?
    Novels – don’t like it to be over so soon….(see the Chicken / Egg reply!)

    Poetry or journal?

    Paper or plastic?
    Paper – plastic is EVIL.

    Tea or coffee?
    After years of enjoying a wide selection of teas, I suddenly turned to the dark side……black coffee all the way!

    Cream or sugar?
    Cream – sugar is EVIL too. And a poison!

    IHOP or Denny’s?
    Errm… I’m in the UK!

    Restaurant or home-cooked?
    Homecooked – always disappointed out.

    Faith or religion?
    Faith – religion is politics!

    Values or beliefs?
    Values – you can live or die by them. You can believe anything.

    Parachuting or deep-sea diving?
    Deep-sea diving – (ex British Sub-Aqua Club). Throw myself out of a perfectly serviceable ‘plane?

    iPhone or Android?
    Neither, stuck with Windows Mobile. (see PC vs Mac reply)

    Data or Spock?
    Data – that jaundiced look is so cool!

    Kirk or Picard?
    Ooooh, that’s a hard one! Love the retro, but Picard is a way better actor.

    Star Wars or Star Trek?
    Star Wars (see my Wisdom of Yoda post!)

    Klingons or Wookiees?
    Klingons – wookies talk weird…..

    Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?
    Jack, every time.

    Bauer or MacGyver?
    MacGyver who? (I’m British, remember?)

    MacGyver or Jones?
    ????!!!! Still British!

    Early bird or night owl?
    Both!! 24 years of insomnia will do that to you!

    Dogs or cats?
    Cats – lower maintenance!

    Oceans or mountains?
    Oceans – I’m a yachtsman!

    Jungle or desert?
    Jungle – the animals are nicer.

    Speaking or listening?
    Listening – we have two ears, one mouth, and should use them in that ratio!

    Silence or sound?
    Silence – mediatation, driving 250 miles in silence, being alone with your thoughts.

    Stillness or movement?
    Stilness – yoga, being present in the moment.

    Inward or outward?
    Def. outward! No wall flower here!

    Questions or answers?

    Both! We were given two ears, one mouth – and should use them in that ratio!

    And, above all: WHY?
    Not so easy!

    Because we can, we should and because we are worth it!


    • “Cream or sugar? Cream – sugar is EVIL too. And a poison!” <– I probably should've said "cream or stevia" instead. To which I would reply: Both!

      The UK knows Jack Bauer but not MacGyver? This is a sad, sad thing. ; ) And “Jones” refers to Dr. Indiana Jones himself. Lost Ark? Temple of Doom? Last Crusade? (4th movie is unmentionable.)

      “Throw myself out of a perfectly serviceable ‘plane?” <– I couldn't agree more! Although I'm not one for deep-sea diving, either. There are things down there in that dark water. And they're bigger 'n me. ; )

      Does the yoga not help with the insomnia?

      Dean, thanks for taking the time to play along! I appreciate it.

  3. Courtney,
    What a great post! I haven’t answered all of them and to tell you why would be to write another post (sorry!) so I’ve just put a few of my answers here:

    Mac , WordPress, Livefyre, Twitter, Blog, Novels, journal, Tea, home-cooked (unless you’re in Greece!), Faith, Star Trek, Early bird, Dogs or cats (both), Oceans, Jungle or desert (neither), Speaking or listening (both), Silence, Stillness, Questions or answers (both!)

    That was fun!
    Have a great weekend!

    • Fantastic, Lori — glad you had fun! : )

      “Home-cooked (unless you’re in Greece!)” <– Sounds like there's an interesting story behind that one! But no worries — I do understand that the real whys to all the answers would be blog posts in and of themselves! My answers would be, too. : )

  4. Jill Barneche says:

    I can’t answer all of them due to lack of experience. But I’ll give some of them a go.

    Mac or PC?–I tend to side with PC. Macs do a few cool things, and if you have a hard time with computers, they are admittedly pretty user friendly. However, having been at OC where everyone has a Mac, including me, I’m just not all that impressed with them. They don’t seem to hold up very well or do a whole lot more than the average PC. Plus, if you DO know how to really do stuff with a computer, my programming friends all tell me Mac is just not that great for such things. Overall, I’m not convinced they’re worth the price.

    Facebook or Twitter?–Facebook. I’ve never tried Twitter. I think it could be entertaining, but I just don’t get the desire to update a status or to check if other people have updated theirs to bother to get one.

    Chicken or the egg?–Chicken. Whether you go by extreme literal creationism or extreme Big Bang evolutionism, it just makes no sense for an egg to come first.

    Novels or short stories?–I tend to prefer novels. Short stories are just so….short. I did have a friend in high school who wrote some good ones though. They have their moments.

    Poetry or journal?–I don’t do either with any regularity, but usually journal.

    Paper or plastic?–Plastic, but only because I like to reuse the bags as bathroom trash liners and the plastic ones work better for that. I’m not very particular though.

    Tea or coffee?–Too hard! Can’t choose! It truly depends on the moment. If I want something to wake me up, of course it’s coffee. If I want something purely for deliciousness, generally tea (unless I’m adding a lot to the coffee–I hate taking it straight). Other times, it depends on what Ive got a craving for.

    Cream or sugar?–Sugar, but I’m happy to take cream as well.

    Restaurant or home-cooked?–I lean towards homecooked, but there are some things, such as a lot of foreign cuisine, that you just need a restaurant for.

    Faith or religion?–Hmm. I think I choose religion, but that can obviously be taken too much to the extreme. My trouble is that people who choose faith instead of religion often seem to have a disorganized and inconsistent faith. Religion, an organized worship and doctrine type thing, does have its flaws. But I think it also challenges you to study more and push yourself by presenting you with ideas to sort through.

    Values or beliefs?–I feel like I need a good definition of each to really sort through this one, but I think I’ll choose values.

    Parachuting or deep-sea diving?–I have no idea. I’ve done both and found them both interesting but a little physically uncomfortable. I would go for deep-sea diving because scuba was a little more interesting as I recall, but on the other hand I’m terrified of sea creatures….

    Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?–I’d go with Chuck Norris. They’d make an unstoppable team though.

    Early bird or night owl?–Night owl. Going to bed at 2:00 or 3:00 am and getting up between 10:00 and noon sounds perfect.

    Dogs or cats?–Cats. They’re much easier to take care of and do some really humorous, weird things. I do enjoy my doggy though.

    Oceans or mountains?–Mountains. Can’t swim a whole lot in the ocean. It’s tiring and there are dreaded sea creatures (or at least my imagination thinks there are). And I get pretty bored with the beach after a day.

    Jungle or desert?–Both would be cool, I think, but there are more things in the jungle that will kill me, so I opt desert.

    Speaking or listening?–Listening. I feel silly if I talk a lot for too long.

    Silence or sound?–Sound. Total silence is nice in small doses, but it gets eerie. That’s one of things I disliked about scuba diving.

    Stillness or movement?–Again, depends on my mood. Sitting still can be so peaceful, but sometimes I just get the urge to run.

    And, above all: WHY?–Because? 42? Jesus? I’ve got nothing.

    • Jill, I’m so glad to see you here! Thanks for your thoughtful responses. I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying — especially the night owl and coffee/tea stuff. 😉

      “Facebook or Twitter?–Facebook. I’ve never tried Twitter. I think it could be entertaining, but I just don’t get the desire to update a status or to check if other people have updated theirs to bother to get one.”
      –> Before I started using Twitter, I thought it was nothing more than “status updates,” too. But it goes way beyond people just saying “I went to the bank, and now I’m eating grapefruit, and later I’m going to clean my closets.” Twitter is about info-sharing, encouraging, connecting with people outside your box, and trading resources. There’s even more to it than that, but I’m still learning. ; )

      On faith or religion: I always ask myself, “Which is going to improve my relationships? Which is going to make me more forgiving, more compassionate, more merciful, more loving, more hope-filled, more kind? Which is going to focus my heart and mind on Love personified?” For me, faith wins out every time. : )

      42 and foreign cuisine? YES PLEASE. I am so very with you on that one, Jill!

  5. Ginger says:

    Mac or PC? PC, never liked Mac.

    WordPress or Blogger? Neither, blogspot because I am not really a serious blogger.

    Disqus or Livefyre? Neither, because I am pretty clueless as to what these are.

    Facebook or Twitter? Both, but mainly Facebook because twitter annoys me.

    Blog or e-zine? Blog because I don’t know what ezine is.

    Chicken or the egg? Chickens because then I will always have eggs

    Novels or short stories? Novels because I read fast so a short story just annoys me.

    Poetry or journal? Journal

    Paper or plastic? Plastic because Wal Mart doesn’t offer paper.

    Tea or coffee? Tea. Because, I don’t know.

    Cream or sugar? Sugar, it goes with everything.

    IHOP or Denny’s? IHOP, no Denny’s, no IHOP, No Denny’s, Ah, I don’t really care as long as I can get breakfast 24 hours a day.

    Restaurant or home-cooked? Home cooked all the way.

    Faith or religion? Faith because religion is man made.

    Values or beliefs? Values because beliefs can be manipulated.

    Parachuting or deep-sea diving? really, I am too chicken for either.

    iPhone or Android? Android, because I am tired of “i” everything.

    Data or Spock? Spock because you can’t play rock paper scissors lizard Data that would just be stupid.

    Kirk or Picard? Picard cause bald is sexy.

    Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars, no reason.

    Klingons or Wookiees? Wookies, again, no reason.

    Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris? Chuck Norris because I am too afraid to say otherwise.

    Bauer or MacGyver? MacGyver because he is awesome!

    MacGyver or Jones? MacGyver because he is awesome!

    Early bird or night owl? Both, I only require about 4-5 hours of sleep.

    Dogs or cats? Dogs for a pet, cats for target practice.

    Oceans or mountains? Mountains because that is where my husband will be.

    Jungle or desert? Jungle much better hunting.

    Speaking or listening? listening because I talk for a living.

    Silence or sound? Silence, see above.

    Stillness or movement? Movement, sitting still is annoying.

    Inward or outward? Outward, I think. Oh, wait are you talking about a belly button, then inward.

    Questions or answers? questions I already know what I know, I just don’t know what others know.

    And, above all: WHY? because you asked.

    • Ginger, you restore my faith in humanity: Someone who remembers MacGyver with as much fondness as I do! Yay! 😀

      “Rock paper scissors lizard Data” <– *gigglesnort*

      Disqus and Livefyre are commenting systems. I've seen others use them on their blogs, and I've considered implementing one of them here. They make the whole notify-of-comment thing a bit more efficient. But they require visitors to register before commenting, and I'm not sure I want to do that to my readers.

      "Cats for target practice" <– Tsk, tsk, tsk. I shall not deign to give my opinion here. 😉

  6. Dino Dogan says:

    Mac or PC? Mac

    WordPress or Blogger? No contest. WP

    Disqus or Livefyre? DisqUs

    Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, Im so over FB

    Blog or e-zine? Blog, def blog.

    Chicken or the egg? Egg…tho Chicken is pretty good too. Put me down as undecided.

    Novels or short stories? Nonfiction…heavy tomes.

    Poetry or journal? Both?

    Paper or plastic? I can never get this one right 🙂

    Tea or coffee? Coffee….always coffee.

    Cream or sugar? Sugar in the raw

    IHOP or Denny’s? yuck…neither

    Restaurant or home-cooked? Home cooked if I can get it, so…ahhh…restaurant.

    Faith or religion? Faith.

    Values or beliefs? Ideas.

    Parachuting or deep-sea diving? Parachuting

    iPhone or Android? Android.

    Data or Spock? Data…Im too young to dig on Spock. Im strictly the Next Generation kind of guy.

    Kirk or Picard? I believe I’ve answered that already.

    Star Wars or Star Trek? Trek.

    Klingons or Wookiees? Klingons

    Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris? Chuck Norris has an app that pops up from behind the screen and kicks your ass if you get this one wrong, so…Chuck.

    Bauer or MacGyver? MacGyver…not ever a contest.

    MacGyver or Jones? MacGyver…Richard Dean Anderson forever 🙂

    Early bird or night owl? Night Owl.

    Dogs or cats? DOGS!!!!

    Oceans or mountains? Oceans…and mountains.

    Jungle or desert? Jungle.

    Speaking or listening? Speaking. And listening x2.

    Silence or sound? Silence.

    Stillness or movement? Movement.

    Inward or outward? Inward.

    Questions or answers? Questions.

    And, above all: WHY? Because the meaning of life is 42.

    But, now I have a question for you. Where di yo get these questions from? What inspired you? Would you mind if I ripped you off?

    • LOL, Dino, you can absolutely rip me off. I ripped off Michael for the first few questions. For the rest, I just went with whatever my brain fed me. You can use my entire list, if that’s what tickles your fancy! Just send me the link to your post, so I can come leave you my answers in the comments! : )

      42! And RDA 4-evah, indeed. I love it that several of you have replied that way. Love it.

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  8. Joshua Unruh says:

    Mac or PC? PC but I could be convinced

    WordPress or Blogger? WordPress now that I have somebody to do the thinking for me.

    Disqus or Livefyre? I don’t know what these are! I have a hole in my nerdery! Thank GOD!

    Facebook or Twitter? Twitter more and more.

    Blog or e-zine? But these do different jobs! What do I work on? Blog so far.

    Chicken or the egg? Egg for breakfast, chicken for lunch.

    Novels or short stories? Novels.

    Poetry or journal? Poetry as long as it is accompanied by a well produced beat.

    Paper or plastic? I brought my own canvas ones.

    Tea or coffee? Coffee and plenty of it.

    Cream or sugar? To quote the Beastie Boys, I like my sugar with coffee and cream.

    IHOP or Denny’s? A vote for either is a vote for gastrointestinal distress.

    Restaurant or home-cooked? Home-cooked.

    Faith or religion? Faith, but I have to admit to liking a little bit of doctrinal stability.

    Values or beliefs? Values because they’re beliefs whose rubber has hit the road.

    Parachuting or deep-sea diving? Parachuting.

    iPhone or Android? Android.

    Data or Spock? Spock. How is this a question?

    Kirk or Picard? Kirk. How is THIS a question?

    Star Wars or Star Trek? But they do different THINGS!

    Klingons or Wookiees? Wookiees.

    Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris? Bauer.

    Bauer or MacGyver? More Bauer.

    MacGyver or Jones? If this is Indiana, then how is THIS a question?

    Early bird or night owl? Night owl by desire, early bird through parenting.

    Dogs or cats? Dogs.

    Oceans or mountains? Oceans.

    Jungle or desert? Jungle.

    Speaking or listening? Yes.

    Silence or sound? Mushin.

    Stillness or movement? All movement comes from stillness, but the same cannot be said for all stillness.

    Inward or outward? Focus inward to strike outward.

    Questions or answers? Again, these do different things.

    And, above all: WHY? I don’t know, 33 questions didn’t seem like much before I started. Now I’m not sure what I was thinking.

    • Josh, I’m never quite sure what you’re thinking. ; )

      “WordPress or Blogger? WordPress now that I have somebody to do the thinking for me.” <– Oh, me too!

      "Disqus or Livefyre? I don’t know what these are! I have a hole in my nerdery! Thank GOD!" <– Do you want me to fix that?

      "How is this a question?" <– Hey, I'm okay with letting people have their opinions! ; )

      And yes, Indiana is the Jones in question. I almost agree with you that it shouldn't be a question…but then again, Jones did not have duct tape.

      Mushin? Define, please.

      I love your definition of values and beliefs. Thank you for that. : )

  9. Joshua Unruh says:

    No, I’m happy having some areas of knowledge where people are bigger dorks than me. In fact, thanks for that!

    You’re right of course. Everyone has a right to whatever opinion they hold no matter how deeply and abidingly wrong it is.

    Mushin is a Japanese word that translate as No-Mind but means a lot more. It’s the emptiness you achieve when thought is left behind and you are merely able to act correctly without reflection.

    My pleasure on values and beliefs. They’re pretty tightly tied together but it took me a while to figure out how.

    • Josh, I’m still trying to figure out how my values and beliefs are tied together. But every time my beliefs hit the road, I do learn a little more about my true values. It’s usually a sobering lesson.

      Also, there are so very few areas in which I’m a bigger dork than you are. ; )

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  11. kris says:

    Mmmmm…..PC,WordPress, I have no idea what Disqus or Livefyre, Facebook, Blog, Gonna hvae to go with the egg, Novels, journal, paper, tea, neither cream nor sugar, Ih
    op, home cooked, faith, beliefs, I am afraid of heights and the ocean, I like Android better, Spco, Kirk, Star Wars, Wookiees, Chuck, MacGyver, Jones of course, night owl, DOGS, mountains, jungle, listening, sound, inward, questions.
    Why? Because that is just how I am feeling today!

  12. kris, your “why” sounds like a fabulous reason to me! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. It’s always encouraging to get an unexpected shout-out! : )

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