Chicken. Headless. Editing. You’ll wanna see this.

People are starting to wonder about me, I know. Where’s Courtney? Why hasn’t she been around Twitter? Where are her cramazing blog posts? What’s she been up to?

Well, my dear inklings, I have been up to exactly one thing:


Specifically, I’ve been editing:

  • Joshua Unruh‘s first TEEN Agents novel,
  • Aaron Pogue‘s next fantasy novel, The Dragonswarm,
  • my own unfinished, low sci-fi NaNoWriMo novel Elevator People (working title)
  • and my own short story “Out of the Darkness” for next month’s short story collection A Consortium of Worlds, Vol. 1, Winter Issue.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am one of those really weird people who loves loves loves editing. I am one of those weird people who thinks editing is fun. But really…right now…after having done nothing writerly except edit for a week before I caught the Plague *and* since I recovered from the Plague last week….


And I feel like this:

If you need me, I’ll be cleaning my house and complaining that I’m not working on my unfinished, low sci-fi NaNoWriMo novel Elevator People (working title). ; )

P.S. Just for the record, I love the works I’ve been editing. : )

What about you, love? What’s got you running around like decapitated barnyard fowl?

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3 thoughts on “Chicken. Headless. Editing. You’ll wanna see this.

  1. I hope you are back to health and relaxed and having plenty of time to write and edit as you please. (I typed about 3 different witty ways to say I hoped you were doing so with your head in tact, and they all came out dirty. So I’m dropping the attempts and just saying, I hope you are no longer decapitated.) đŸ˜‰

    • Well, I’d like to say that dirty isms *never* appear on my blog, but–

      No, I’m lying. I wouldn’t like to say that at all, even if it were true. ; )

      The writing time hasn’t quite returned yet, but I’m definitely feeling better, and the husband is home now, so indeed, I am no longer decapitated! Life threatens to return to normal passing soon, and I am grateful. Thank you, Becca. : )

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