Books, Boobs, and Brains: Most Popular Blogposts of 2012

The title says it all. This is the stuff on my blog that you people were most interested in last year. Eight of these are posts from 2012, and two are from 2011.

Courtney’s Most Popular Blogposts During 2012

10. Iñigo Montoya: You Keep Using That Word

Hello. My name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my paradigm. Prepare to die.

Or just read my thoughts on the nature of reality and perspective.

9. 10 Things They Don’t Tell You about Being a Baby Factory, Pt. 1

Terror, IMAX theaters, and wildebeests.



8. Death and Rape Threats

The blogging world can be a threatening place for a woman who refuses to shut up. The key is to remember what the inestimable Frank Herbert said about fear.

7. In Which Pregnancy and Car Wrecks Don’t Mix

I appreciate it that this one made it into the Top Ten Most Popular. It’s nice to know y’all care. : )

6. Stains of Grace: Supermurgitroid Cover Art

I’ve loved all five of my book covers so far, but this one is definitely a favorite. I AM SURROUNDED BY SUPERTALENTED CREATIVE PEOPLE. So, so blessed.

5. Why I Break the Spines of Books

I can’t tell if people like reading this one because it confirms their belief system concerning the breaking of book spines, or because I am destroying their feel-good bubble about not breaking spines. Since there aren’t a ton of dissenting remarks in the comments, I tend to suspect the former. But who knows. Maybe the chronic book-spine-breakers out there are a passive tribe who on principle don’t comment.

Maybe they’re quietly conspiring to rid the world of all the evil spine-breakers. Maybe the apocalypse will be the final upraising of the Cult of Preservers of the Sacred Book-Spines. Stranger things have happened.

4. Marital Sock Fetish, Exposed

I can only guess that the title is what draws y’all to this one. Buncha voyeurs. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

3. Left Brain, Right Brain, or Ambidextrous Brain?

This one still gets me when I think about it. I still don’t know if I’m really right-brained, or if there’s a continual, equal opportunity crossover between right and left. Of course, nowadays I’m neither right- nor left- but simply barely-brained. Babies cause parental zombification.

2. Can We Bare It or Bare It: The Breasts of Superheroines

I still stand by this.

And here we have my most popular blogpost of 2012:

1. Advance Reading Copy of Rethana’s Surrender!

The fact that this one received the most traffic tells me two things: One, you people like free books. Two, you like your free books to be fantasy.

If I’m going to draw conclusions from this list (and yes, indeed, that is exactly what I’m going to do), I’m going to conclude that you lovelies like it when I blog about books, boobs, and brains. Considering that I love alliteration and all three of these subjects are of interest to me, I do believe I have more to offer you.

So, stay tuned in 2013, dear inklings. I promise I’ll have some doozies for ya. ; )

2 thoughts on “Books, Boobs, and Brains: Most Popular Blogposts of 2012

  1. Amanda says:

    enjoyed the recap – there was a few posts I didn’t read before. I appreciated the breaking the book spines post especially. I break every rule : )

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