Prepare Ye the Way of the Novel

Hey y’all,

I have a poor little pink baby with an ear infection, so I’ve been neglecting the blog (mea culpa) and have failed to post guest-columning news in a timely manner. But yes, indeed, my weekly guest post over at is live. This week, I’m discussing “prewriting”:

  • what it is
  • and why those of you who are writers extraordinaire need to engage in it. By which I mean do it.

Click righ’cheer to read and rejoice!


2 thoughts on “Prepare Ye the Way of the Novel

  1. amanda says:

    writing a book seems like such a big feat – I wonder how you authors do it. thanks for sharing

    • Always glad to. : ) As far as how we authors get our novels authored…I’d venture to say it’s the same way you chemists get your chemistry done: with passion, practice, and patience. ; )

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