I worm in the ocean with sharp teeth.

Me: Google Analytics tells me that someone found my blog by Googling the phrase “I worm in the ocean with sharp teeth.”

Ed: …I what?

Me: I worm.

Ed: I worm?

Me: I worm.

Ed: …

Me: In the ocean. With sharp teeth.

Ed: Why?

Me: I dunno.

Ed: That’s some typo.

Me: A typo of what?

Ed: I dunno.

Me: What makes you think it’s a typo?

Ed: Why would someone Google that on purpose?

Me: People are weird.

Drawing this made sense in my head.

Drawing this made sense in my head.

Here’s a poem about sacrifice, depression, and empathy. I think.

Of course, you might decide it’s about something else entirely. Interpretation is entirely your prerogative.

Anyway! In celebration of National Poetry Month — which is NOW, if you must know — fabulous Edinatrix Laurie Laliberte (@LaliberteLaurie) is hosting a Poetry Slam on her blog. Today, she happens to be featuring a poem by Yours Writerly. You can probably guess that this really swings my verge and flips my bangerang switch.

So, head on over to Laurie’s blog and read my poem that might or might not be about sacrifice, depression, and empathy.

Feedback is always welcome! : )

The One Where You Get to Be Pygmalion

There's sunshine! Go outside!

There’s sunshine! Go outside!

Hile, inklings!

This week in Courtney’s Grand Writing Adventure Epic Saga, I’m currently sitting at a Panera, desperately trying to get all my online stuff done before my allotted half hour of internet access is exhausted (until 2:00pm). As soon as I’m done posting this and tweeting/Facebooking it, I’ll switch gears into my word processor, start pounding the keys on Elevator People once again, and hope that after 2:00, I can upload the storyish results to my Google document.


A writer’s life is nothing if not complicated. For a “stay-at-home” job, you’d think this would be less fraught with things.

In other news, my weekly article for UnstressedSyllables.com is up, and it’s all about figuring out the Ideal Reader for your story: who she is, why she is, and how she’s absolutely vital to your writing process. Come and see!

Ciao, lovelies.