dragons, sociopaths, and zombie elves

YIPPEE! I love these stories and am so excited to share them with you!!!

So, in case you didn’t know it yet — a few days back, I pubbed my latest book:

The Elven Dead and Other Legends of the Light-Walkers!

This one is an anthology of 5 short stories and one novella, all set in my Light-Walkers universe. Long story short (HA HA HA), I let this one linger on my back burner for two years before I stirred the pot a final time (READ: did final edits) and got the whole six-course meal served up in edible form. Yay for overdue follow-through and resulting accomplishment!

“Who are you? And who in hells am I?”

The Light-Walkers: an otherworldly people of magic, mystery, and soul-rending purpose.

The Light-Walkers: arrogance, love, desperation, and a fierce determination to protect their magical birthright and their world–even if it means destroying ours.

The Light-Walkers: always elusive, forever unreachable, and yet…among us.

Playful sorcery that brings down nations. The fear factor in a magical venom cocktail. Undead, astral-projecting elves. In five short stories and one novella, Courtney Cantrell offers fresh glimpses into the world she uncovered in Rethana’s SurrenderRethana’s Trial, and The Dying of the Light. New characters, old friends, and base traitors populate this collection. Delve deep and sink your teeth into the marrow of the Light-Walker world. If the dragons don’t grab you, the undead elven soldiers will.

Just don’t turn your back on them.

Buy now for $2.99 on Kindle! (Paperback coming soon!)

SQUEEING ALL OVER THE PLACE. Enjoy, me hearties!

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