Court’s Shorts


“Rethana’s Tower”
a Legends of the Light-Walkers short story


Before the rumors of war and conscription by vengeful clerics destroyed her idyllic life in Rethana’s Surrender, Rethana Chosardal lived comfortably as a bellringer’s daughter. With dark times far behind her family and darker times of the future unknown to her, Rethana plays with the magical powers that are her birthright.

And like any willful girl with more power than sense, she gets up to mischief.

A nighttime intruder to her bell tower, intent on mischief of his own, has Rethana more than confident she can stop him. Not just stop him, but humiliate him. Like any proper mischief, though, it won’t be easy. After all, dodging her crotchety great-grandmother and nearly falling to her death aren’t exactly her idea of fun.

But without this one night of magical pranks, the events of Rethana’s Surrender and Rethana’s Trial might never have happened. Read the light-hearted tale that started it all during one moonlit, roguish climb up “Rethana’s Tower.”

Approximately 5100 words.

Buy now for $0.99 at Amazon, or check out for free from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.


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These are my short stories available for purchase:

Sci-Fi / Speculative Fiction

“The Mercy and the Schadenfreude of the Soulless — A Grace and Jack Story”


Jack knows that everybody wants him to leave his wife. After all, Grace is crazy. She’s in a mental institution, and there’s nothing to indicate that she’s ever going to leave. Jack can’t have a normal life with her. Jack can’t have a normal life, period. Divorcing Grace would be best for him…

…and Grace is so preoccupied with her delusions of dimension-jumping and time-travel, she probably wouldn’t even notice that her marriage was over. She’d have her fantasies, and Jack would get his life back.

But there are two tiny, little problems.

Jack loves his wife the way a “man without a country” loves his home.

And he’s not convinced she’s crazy.

Published in Edge of Oblivion ($2.99 on Kindle). All proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.



“If This Were a Stephen King Story”


During a cheery morning jog, expectant mother Tori Haber entertains herself with Stephen-King-esque imaginings. But when a goblin leaps out of a baby carriage in her path and scurries off into an innocent neighbor’s back yard, Tori’s worst fears pale before reality. Thrust into a living horror she couldn’t have imagined, Tori discovers there might not be a way out.

Published in Resistance Front ($0.99 on Kindle). All proceeds go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.





NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond my control, the short stories below are currently unavailable for purchase on Kindle. I am working on correcting this, and I apologize for the inconvenience this causes some of you! I will post a notice here, as well as in a blog post, on Twitter, and on Facebook, as soon as this situation is rectified and all stories are available again.

In the meantime, these short stories are available at Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks for understanding!



“Dead Reconning”

A Legends of the Light-Walkers story
(also zombie elves)


Centuries after Rethana’s Surrender and Rethana’s Trial, the land of Jiredd Stal is still in turmoil and even more dangerous. Humanity is a dying breed, harried constantly by undead elven soldiers hungering to devour living flesh.

Wolf Dornsson knows of only one safe haven, the inexplicably protected Enloë Vale. For a chance at love and life, he and Lendry Bersallir risk a trek across deadly wilderness. But monstrous revenants threaten them even on the threshold of asylum. In the face of terror and horror, Wolf must make a sacrifice that will keep Lendry safe — but might shatter their love forever.

Published in “A Consortium of Worlds, #1” ($2.99).

Buy now at Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.


“Out of the Darkness”

A Legends of the Light-Walkers story


Quylin Flint, journeyman cleric, is lost in both body and soul. Her first chance at leadership looks to be ending in dark, deadly tunnels beneath the Ried’e Duinada mountains. But even more than her own death, Quylin fears failing…failing those who follow her to their doom, failing her masters when she doesn’t complete her quest, and failing her life’s purpose.

But in battle against a subterranean dragon, she finds a bizarre peace. And along with it, greater hope and purpose than she ever could have imagined.

Published in “A Consortium of Worlds, #2” ($2.99).

Buy now at Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.




“The One Where Jack Loses — A Jack and Grace Story”


In a tale filled with poetry and heart, Jack struggles to help the woman he loves overcome her madness and guilt. But is Grace losing her grip on reality…or is the power of interdimensional travel giving her a grip on too much of it?

Published in “A Consortium of Worlds, #3” ($2.99).

Buy now at iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

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