Epic Fantasy

Legends of the Light-Walkers


The Dying of the Light (Legends of the Light-Walkers, #3)

DyingOfLight_CVR_SML Rafe Skelleran is losing his mind. Weird nightmares dog his waking hours, and even the booze doesn’t help anymore. When a feisty, foreign set of luscious curves shows up on his doorstep, he can’t enjoy the view for her fantastic babble of ancient wars and enemies.

But then an enemy arrives with an arsenal of otherworldly powers and tries to murder Rafe. Fleeing the destruction of his home, blood on his hands, Rafe realizes that if he wants to get out of this alive, he’s going to have to stick with a woman who’s possibly crazier than he is.

Besides, she knows about his suffocating nightmares. And Rafe can’t pass up the chance to find out the truth.

Hijacked to a strange world and surrounded by powerful, dangerous allies, Rafe soon finds he’s no safer with these people than on his own. Every time he turns around, someone insists he’s not who he thinks he is. Every time he turns around, someone wants him dead. On the run with what seems the least of many evils, Rafe doesn’t have a single person in this strange land he can trust.

Even worse, he feels a dormant, volatile power knocking from within, urging him to let his magic loose. He must unlock it before facing his darkest enemy, for without it he can’t possibly survive. It’s that or accept an allegiance that will give him the worlds…if he’s willing to sell the last little bit of himself he has left.
156,000 words

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Inktera (formerly Page Foundry)

The Rethana Duology

Rethana’s Surrender (Legends of the Light-Walkers, #1) and Rethana’s Trial (Legends of the Light-Walkers, #2) 
Rethana's Trial front

After ten years in hiding, Rethana Chosardal’s defiance of convention leaves her in the power of the vengeful clerics who slaughtered her family. Worse, they also seize her best friend and her frail little sister. Even Rethana’s inborn skill with the magical energy comori can’t help her.

Allasin, the clerics’ leader, will teach her to use that skill — but only if she serves him in his mysterious intrigues. And slowly this cold, cruel adversary reveals the warmer soul of a master she could fall in love with. As civil war threatens, Rethana must choose between her power and her past. How much more will she surrender to protect her precious, dying sister?

Meanwhile, the elusive Soldan claim Rethana as part of their ancient prophecy to overthrow their enemies. A foreign menace sweeps down from the icy north. Two great monarchs array their forces against her. Allasin is out of reach, and old friends abandon her. With nowhere to turn, Rethana stands at the very heart of her homeland, forced to make her last stand.

Though the fate of her sister remains unknown and the whole world rests upon her shoulders, Rethana will bend but not break. Only this iron determination can see her through Rethana’s Trial.

Rethana’s Surrender, 100,000 words
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Rethana’s Trial, 120,000 words
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