33 Questions for My Readers

You mustn’t always believe what I say. Questions tempt you to tell lies, particularly when there is no answer.

–Pablo Picasso

Okay, my dear inklings. This one was inspired by Michael Martine, Remarkablogger, who apparently keeps a tiny camera tucked into the the folds of my brain and blogs answers to my questions before I know I have questions.

Without further ado or adon’t: I have questions for you, my dears. Pick a few and share your thoughts in the comments. Or answer all the questions, if you dare. Or ask some of your own. Who knows what might happen if you people start talking to each other as well as to me? ; )

Mac or PC?

WordPress or Blogger?

Disqus or Livefyre?

Facebook or Twitter?

Blog or e-zine?

Chicken or the egg?

Novels or short stories?

Poetry or journal?

Paper or plastic?

Tea or coffee?

Cream or sugar?

IHOP or Denny’s?

Restaurant or home-cooked?

Faith or religion?

Values or beliefs?

Parachuting or deep-sea diving?

iPhone or Android?

Data or Spock?

Kirk or Picard?

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Klingons or Wookiees?

Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?

Bauer or MacGyver?

MacGyver or Jones?

Early bird or night owl?

Dogs or cats?

Oceans or mountains?

Jungle or desert?

Speaking or listening?

Silence or sound?

Stillness or movement?

Inward or outward?

Questions or answers?

And, above all: WHY?