My Blog Is Being Weirdo

I’m not receiving comment notification emails again. So if you comment and I don’t reply, please don’t feel ignored. I’m researching how to fix this (and getting nowhere, so if anyone has any advice, please share!).

Also, a few Headway and WordPress updates back, my Google Analytics stopped tracking. I sorely miss it. If you know how to fix this, please tell me. Thanks!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Or: Learning Headway)

Hile, inklings! Just FYI, my blog is under construction until further notice. I’ve just switched over to Headway themes, and it’s gonna take me a while to get things arranged to suit me. < sarcasm > I LOVE changing user interface. < / sarcasm >

At least I’ve been able to get my background and header to look mostly the way I’d like them to. Now, if only I can find all my widgets. Pesky, elusive little things, those.

Once I’m done tinkering, I’ll make an announcement and you can all come ooh and aah over the whole kaboodle. In the meantime, as you see changes here and there, please bear with me — and feel free to give me feedback!

Thanks, y’all. As always, happy reading!


It’s now 24 hours since I wrote the above, and I can safely say that Headway rocks. I’ve been tinkering and tweaking, and I’m doing stuff with the blog that I once-upon-a-time had to ask my programmer friends to do for me. As far as I’m concerned, Headway has already paid for itself: I’m able to be more creative with and personalize the look of my blog, and I’m saving my friends the headache of getting panicky emails from me every five minutes. Everybody wins. BANGERANG.