The One Where I Publish a Book

Or: My Second Video Blog Post

Did I get a book published?

Why yes. Yes, I did.

Colors of Deception is the story of Holly Idaho, a student at Oklahoma Christian University. She thought her sophomore year was starting out fairly normal. But her closest girlfriends, Anne and Celia, are hiding something. Peter, her only guy friend on campus, won’t tell her why he’s acting weirder than usual. Owin, who has been like a brother to her, issues cold demands about her faith.

Colors of Deception by Courtney Cantrell

Holly’s feeling rejected and isolated — and then the anonymous pranks start. Worse, an unseen intruder terrorizes her at her parents’ house. She finally realizes there’s something scarier going on than strained relationships and practical jokes.

Then Peter stuns her with the truth: a demon is stalking her, feeding her doubts and fears in a final play for her soul. It’s Peter’s God-given task to protect her — but he’s running out of options. As the demon closes in, Holly faces a horrible choice: a heaven she fears or a hell she never imagined possible.

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You can buy Colors of Deception for Kindle for 99 cents here.

You can buy it for Nook for 99 cents here.

You can also purchase the book at Smashwords.

The paperback version will be ready soon is now available here! Happy reading!

Colors of Deception is published by Consortium Books.

Colors of Deception cover art by Julie V. Photography and Amy Nickerson.

P.S. It’s henna, and it’s temporary. 😉

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Readers Dearests, I am so excited! Today, I started writing the climax to my eighth novel, the unfortunately untitled Demons 3!

If you’ve been paying attention (which I know you have, you sweet, observant things, you), you know that Demons 3 is the third in a YA paranormal trilogy. The first is Colors of Deception, which will be released by Consortium Books in April 2011; the second is Shadows After Midnight.

I’ve been working on Demons 3 since October 2010. It’s been a romp, a headache, and a blessing — just like the first draft of any other novel. Since I’ll need to start final edits on Colors soon, I’ll be breaking standard procedure after I finish Demons 3 Draft 1: Instead of letting this first draft sit and stew in the back of my mind for a month, I’ll start working on the second draft immediately. Maybe even moments after typing “The End.” That way, my beta readers can start reviewing Demons 3 Draft 2, and I can turn my full attention to Colors.

Exciting things happening in Courtney’s Writing Life! Stay tuned, and I’ll keep you posted. 🙂