See Court write. Write, Court, write.

I needed a place to put this.

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This is why I should stay off of Pinterest.

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Win a holiday for a little girl with cystic fibrosis!

Hidey-ho, y’all, Today, I bring you a guest post from my friend and fellow Kindle All-Stars writer, Tony Healey. Tony’s got a great, easy way for you to help out a little girl with cystic fibrosis. Well worth the minute or two! Here’s Tony to tell you more: TONY: At the beginning of this yearContinue Reading

Three-sentence horror romance: BEGINNING

And now, combining horror and romance in three sentences….Continue Reading

Moderating Comments until Further Notice Because Spam

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New fantasy short story “Rethana’s Tower” is live!

“Rethana’s Tower,” my newest fantasy short story, is available for purchase! Come read and find out what really happened the night Dav and the guys broke into Rethana’s bell tower.
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ANNOUNCING: DRUGS. And fantasy short story “Rethana’s Tower” COVER ART!!!

Today, I bring you radioactive spiders, killer watermelon clowns, and a brand-spankin’-new fantasy story. Guess which one of those is really a thing. ;)Continue Reading

It’s not my fault, it’s just how my neurons are.

Are olives fruit? And other brief shenanigans….Continue Reading

Writers’ Blog Hop: 4 Writerly Questions (also Dr. Seuss)

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been rather absent from my blog for the last two months. This is due to writing, a golden anniversary, and plot-pantsing — which, according to Google, I just made up. BANGERANG. So come find out about that! Also, there’s a blog-hop.Continue Reading

In case you miss me, I #amwriting. (NEW PROJECT! Next Legends of the Light-Walkers!)

So, I log on to my blog today and find that it’s been over a month since I posted. I blame Bernard Schaffer. Long story VERY short, Bernard issued me a writing challenge, and I am doing my blurglemamjufloobelschnitzenest to face that challenge head-on and blast it into submission. I’ve got two major short storiesContinue Reading