See Court write. Write, Court, write.

In case you miss me, I #amwriting. (NEW PROJECT! Next Legends of the Light-Walkers!)

So, I log on to my blog today and find that it’s been over a month since I posted. I blame Bernard Schaffer. Long story VERY short, Bernard issued me a writing challenge, and I am doing my blurglemamjufloobelschnitzenest to face that challenge head-on and blast it into submission. I’ve got two major short storiesContinue Reading

UPDATED: Why Amazon deleted all my ebooks

UPDATE: Rethana’s Surrender, Rethana’s Trial, Colors of Deception, Shadows after Midnight, and Stains of Grace are once again live at Amazon. And the reviews for R’S TRIAL and STAINS have transferred. HALLELUJAH! Hopefully, the other books’ reviews will transfer soon. (Draft2Digital has notified me that I shouldn’t be surprised if it takes a week orContinue Reading

Dancing on the edge of oblivion: podcast and pubbed!

I got into a pod, and somebody cast it. Or something like that. Hey cuties, As I promised last week, Hulegaard Books’ interview with me is now live and awaiting your eager-to-listen ears! Again, I am indebted to David for the opportunity and for his mad interviewing skillz that kept me from feeling nervous andContinue Reading

So, I got interviewed: Of Podcasts and Podpeople.

I got interviewed! Ima be on a podcast! Ima have a short story published this Monday!!!Continue Reading

#Free Short Story: A Grimm’s Fairy Tale + #Cyberpunk

Here’s my cyberpunk version of the Grimms’ fairy tale “Little Brother and Little Sister.” Come read and tell me whether or not I hit cyberpunk on its cybernetic noggin, ’cause I truly have no idea.Continue Reading


In my latest short story, we’ve got a dirty cop, the Assyrian Underworld, and demon gates made of poop. Come and read!Continue Reading

There’s nothing like a year-end post in the middle of January. Also: books I read in 2013.

Here are the books I read in 2013. Read ‘em and weep with me. There weren’t nearly enough of them.Continue Reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: GRIEFSTRUCK BOOKSHOP

Here’s a sci-fi short story for you! It’s got precognition, Yeats’s “The Second Coming,” Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky,” and chewing gum. Happy reading!Continue Reading

Three-sentence romance story: TRIANGLE

Lo and behold, I’ve actually written a three-sentence story that isn’t horror. I told you I would! : )Continue Reading

Obligatory First Post of the Year: Pookiebottoms Sweetmunch

It’s a new year! Time to bring on the Pookiebottoms Sweetmunch!Continue Reading