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I own a banana slicer. And I am not ashamed.

I’m using my blog as a lab again, this time in connection with Twitter. What if I blogged a day’s worth of tweets? Come see the oddity that ensued!Continue Reading

Your Blog Is a Big, Friendly Dog — Redux

If you’ve read me here for any length of time, you know that I’ve enjoyed romping about with the blog-as-lab(oratory) concept. So when I read a friend’s post on the subject, of course I had something to say about it….Continue Reading

I blogged every day this month. Let me show you it.

Hidey-ho, precious inklings! Today marks the final day of Blog-Every-Day August (BEDAug), my grand experiment to see what would happen if I blogged every day for a month. That month has now passed, and I am pleased to report two favorable results for which I’d hoped: 1. I am, in fact, capable of blogging everyContinue Reading

Your Blog Is a Big, Friendly Dog

In August, I shall attempt to blog every day. Because I am a crazy person. Come find out what led to this momentous decision!Continue Reading

When Blogging Give You Laryngitis

Or: A Blogging Voice Is Hard to Come By If you’ve tweeted with me recently… …or if you’ve read comments I’ve left on others’ blogs… …or if you’ve paid close attention to my blog posts over the last month or so, …you know that I’ve been worrying about my vision and my voice. When IContinue Reading