Comments, Concepts, and Colossi (Oh MY)

This was gonna be an addendum to a blog post, but then it turned into a minor epistle, so I decided to give it its own post. What we’re talkin’ here, my darlings, is news. Goody!

Comment Notifications
Several readers have mentioned that even though they subscribe to comments on my blog, they don’t receive notification emails when I reply to their comments.

Assuming that all of you lovelies are experiencing the same problem, I have contacted my webmaster-computer-guru-person and asked him most pleadingly to rectify whatever the error might be. Me, I am wholly ignorant of such things. I can only guess that a css-html-widgetcode-plugin-doohickey hath malfunctioned most inconsiderately.

Anyway — we’re workin’ on it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned this, but: I’ve never liked my blog theme. What I’ve got here is a theme called “Matala,” parts of which I love (the ragged paper, the scrawled circles around dates, etc.), but most of which I don’t (frames around images, the in-your-face background image that my webmaster-guru-person got rid of for me, and several other etcs.).

So I’ma change it.

I just don’t know to what, yet.

But if you arrive here next time and don’t immediately recognize your surroundings, don’t panic. That’s just me, rearranging the furniture. (It happens. You should see my living room.)

Yes, there’s a WIP. With all this promoting-of-book and marketing-of-product lately, you didn’t think I’d forgotten I’m a writer, didja?

Well, maybe ja did. I really can’t blame you. Over the last month, I’ve kind of forgotten I’m a writer, too.

So, to give myself a kick in the behiney-pants, I started a new project this past weekend:

I am re-writing a novel I haven’t looked at in 11 years.

Yes, I am an insane person. Why do you ask?

I’m not ready to tell the whats and wherefores of this novel yet. But you should know that the words “epic” and “fantasy” are involved. Have you heard me talk about Triad before? Well, this being-rewritten novel is the prequel to Triad. This being-rewritten novel bears the title Legend’s Heir.

Except that in the re-write, I’m taking out all the “legend” references. Heir isn’t such a great title. It’s a bit too similar to Air (vacuous) or Hair (-y).

So. “Epic,” “fantasy,” and working title Legend’s Heir.

Also, there are elves.

Stay tuned.

Insert obligatory “dun-dun-DUN” here.