What I Learned About Writing This Week

By the way, my darlingest readers: In case you haven’t noticed, it be Wednesday.


I don’t know why that fact means PirateSpeak, but over the years I’ve learned not to question such things.

But Wednesday it be, no matter how I might phrase it. And if it’s Wednesday, that means I’ve got a new post up on Unstressed Syllables.

Unstressed Syllables is the writing blog of one Aaron Pogue — my friend, my writerly co-conspirator, and, in a lifetwist neither of us expected, my publisher.

I have a weekly column called “What I Learned About Writing This Week” on his blog — it be Wednesdays, arrrrr. I mention this on my About page, but it occurs to me that maybe some of you haven’t seen that yet.

So, with neither further ado nor adon’t, here’s the link to my WILAWriTe for this week.

Enjoy, matey! Or I’ll furl yer bumbershoots fer ya! Shiver me timbers if I don’t!

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