The Cat Looks at You Upside Down


My dearest, most venerable inklings,

Yesterday was Memorial Day. To celebrate this, the husband and I spent four days together with family members, installing hardwood flooring in the husband’s parents’ house. Here are a few moments that happened during that time:

  • My brother-in-law practiced his baseball swing by hitting wood bees with a 2×4.
  • For the first time ever, I cooked scrambled eggs on a griddle. Nothing bad happened. Yay!
  • I deepened my recently acquired addiction to “Angry Birds.” *sigh*
  • There were copious amounts of homemade blackberry cobbler. With homegrown blackberries.
  • We celebrated a high school graduation.
  • We ate our meals at a picnic table in the garage.
  • I chiseled pieces of flooring down to size, which reawakened my slumbering love for wood cuts.
  • Flying roaches and cups of coffee are not a good combination.

    All of that to say: This is my Official 50th Blog Post. One would think I’d mark the occasion by crafting something of cramazing brilliance.

    But, nay. As far as substance, that list up there is about all you’re gonna get on my blog today, because after being out-of-town with sketchy Internet service for four days, I am now in the process of catching up with my life.

    We’re entering serious hypocrisy here, kids. Do as I say, not as I do:

    Write yourself a cushion of blogposts, that you might not be without substance when comes The Day of Greater Catching Up Busyness.

    I don’t have a cushion of blog posts.

    Instead, here’s a picture of my older cat, Pippin. Yippee!

    Peregrin 'Pippin' Took Cantrell

    8 thoughts on “The Cat Looks at You Upside Down

    1. Joshua Unruh says:

      Quite without meaning to, I’m suddenly a whole week ahead on blog posts. An entire week. Nobody is more shocked than I am. And now an unexpected bit of fun to go with being ahead…almost completely unearned smugness at your predicament.

      If only there was an emoticon for smug condescension. Then you could totally have an emoticon for slapping the taste out of my emoticon’s mouth. Ahhh, the future.

      • Well, smug friend Josh, are you still ahead? ; ) Or have the intervening days gotten the best of your blog cushion? Do tell.

        And if you want smug emoticons, best to get Aaron to get Toby on it. Hathor should have no problem with such minutiae. ; )

    2. Sounds like a good weekend Courtney. I did Carlos’ pre writing challenge last year and have since squandered all of the posts that I had done beforehand. I need to write like that again, it was nice to have those to fall back on.

      That said, it takes even more discipline to “refill” the cushion when you use a post. I ended up saying, “well I still have a couple, I will write more later.” Didn’t happen, the well ran dry. Good luck getting ahead. One thing that I have found that helps, write a huge long post, 1800 words or so and split it into 3 parts. Fills some space and can give you a cushion all written at one time.

      Just rambling thoughts, but sometimes a nugget of good shows up!

      • Justin, I had the same experience you did — and almost the same thought process as I went along! I didn’t participate officially in the prewriting challenge, but I did build a cushion of a months’ worth of posts. I think it went away during the month before NaNoWriMo. *sigh*

        Right now, I’d like to think I have the discipline to sit down and write the posts…I just don’t have the time! Moving to a new house and jury duty next week. Can I use that as my excuse? Please? ; )

        Thanks for stopping by, Justin! Always nice to see you here.

    3. Guess what! I just finished the first draft of Outcast and met my writing goal for the month. Which means…I can work on a cushion of blog posts now! Woot, yay and yipee!

      • Becca, you’re simply stellar. I don’t think I’ve told you that, but it’s true. You really amaze me. Keep up the great (and copious amounts of) work — you are a fantastic inspiration!

    4. Joshua Unruh says:

      Hell no…I’m sad about it, too. I stopped having clever ideas for blog posts while rewriting Hell Bent for Leather. I bet those two things don’t have anything to do with one another.

      Right now I’m on time, no cushion at all. Maybe if I get another one down over the weekend I can be ahead again…for a minute.

      • What? Pouring creativity into the writing of a novel results in a drought of blogpost ideas? Who’d-a thunk? ; )

        Seriously though…I can relate. Anytime I concentrate on one project, the other projects suffer a little. I think it’s that “seasonal” thing again, on a tiny month-by-month (week-by-week?) scale. One month, it’s the season for me to focus on my blog, even as I tinker around with a novel. The next month, I’m still blogging, but the focus shifts to the book. Another month, both blog and novel are still in-progress, but I’m concentrating on an oil painting.

        So, don’t be too sad — maybe? Maybe this is just How It Is in The Writing Life?

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