See Court write. Write, Court, write.


Courtney Cantrell, Writer ***

Greetings, my lovely! My name is Courtney Cantrell. I was created to create, so that’s what I do: I make things.

I write novels, short stories, and poetry.
My main genres are epic fantasy and paranormal fantasy, with the occasional touches of sci-fi or horror.

I paint.
My favorite medium is oils. I paint fantasy, still life, portraits, and abstract.

I dance in the pouring rain whenever possible.
This is its own genre. ; )

And I hope I leave my corner of the world
a little brighter than I found it.

Here’s what else you can peruse at

  • is a blog about creative writing and all its pitfalls and possibilities.
  • You’ll get a lot of pondering on what goes into writing a novel.
  • You’ll get updates on the progress of my novels.
  • Sometimes, I wax pedantic and talk about grammar and its ilk. But only sometimes.
  • Once in awhile, I get all emo and angsty over cutting open my chest and baring my heart for the world to see. Please to be excusing when this happens.
  • I’d love for my real-life anecdotes to enrich your daily life with inspiring encouragements and illuminating a-ha!s.
  • At some point, I lost my mind and did some videoblogging. For some reason, people seem to like this. ; ) When life allows, I shall take this up again.

A few “stats”:

  • I am the wife of Ed, often blogged-about as “the husband.”
  • I am the mama of a beautiful little girl known here as “CM.”
  • I am the cat-mommy of Peregrin “Pippin” Took Cantrell, a tabby of hobbit-like proportions.
  • By passport, I am an American; but I grew up in Germany, so culturally I’m a mutt (aka Third Culture Kid).
  • I am a follower of Jesus Christ, which to me means that (among other things) I get to have a relationship with the Creator of the universe even though I screw up all the time. (I don’t belong to a religion.)

Also, feel free to peruse my Vizify bio.

Let’s talk.

So. Enjoy your courtcan-ish reading (or viewing)! And please, do drop me a line to introduce yourself and let me know what you think of my ponderings:

In other news, here’s an old picture of me:

The Rad 8-Year-Old Writer


***Photo credit the fabulous Julie V. Personal Style Photography.