Paranormal Fantasy

Demons of Saltmarch (a New Adult trilogy)

Colors of Deception (Demons of Saltmarch #1)

Holly Idaho’s simple college kid life is unraveling. Her best friends are keeping secrets. Someone is playing mean pranks on her. Wasn’t this Christian university supposed to be a safe place?

When Peter tells her a demon is after her soul, Holly’s faith refuses to sustain her. Her friends succumb to forces beyond her understanding. As the demon closes in, Holly faces a horrible choice between a heaven she fears and a hell she never imagined possible.

(Approximately 80,000 words.)

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Shadows after Midnight (Demons of Saltmarch #2)

Peter Townsend is not normal and doesn’t play well with normals, even though it’s his job to protect them. But last year, protecting Holly Idaho shattered his world. Falling in love with her wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was leaving Holly’s “favorite” demon alive.

Now that favorite is back, Holly is missing, and there’s a new demon in town that makes Holly’s first tormentor look angelic. This time, saving Holly might just cost Peter his soul.

(Approximately 70,000 words.)

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Stains of Grace (Demons of Saltmarch #3)

Anne Waylock thought she was safe. Safe from the madness of demons and the auguren who hunted them. Safe from her tumultuous feelings for the troubled Owin Moran. Safe from the pain of her best friend’s betrayal. Anne ran away from it all, and she never planned on looking back.

But when Legion and another new demon start hunting her, Anne realizes the only way to set earth, heaven, and hell right again is a return to Saltmarch — where she’ll have to face every fear she’s hidden from. But will redemption be her most terrifying enemy yet?
(Approximately 80,000 words.)

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